i assure you she hasn't. i personally think its the same anon accusing you of stealing other packs and their just trying to cause trouble bc ive looked through your packs and they arent stolen from any of the accounts the person is accusing you of stealing them from

I honestly make most of my packs myself, i’d record myself doing it if i knew how to, I’m sure she hasn’t stolen bc like herself I put hard work into these packs and stealing would be disrespectful 

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justin and ariana twitter pack

like if saving

credit if using @envygrande

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Sorry I meant to say heavenlyicxns*

I haven’t ever been on that blog

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can you please make a matthew espinosa pack please ? tysm ♡


1 note + 39 minutes ago

matthew espinosa pack

like if saving

credit if using @envygrande

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Can you please make a thatsojack pack? And I love your packs the person who keeps commenting and saying stuff are just jealous of you. Ily 💕

ty babe :)

1 note + 49 minutes ago
um loyauhlpacks is using some of your headers you make

Ugh wtf, ty for telling me

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Can i give u an icon on twitter and you public here a pack for it?


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lmao I'm gonna be completely honest right now, but I think it's the same person that keeps sending you hate because they literally say the same thing and sounds like it's one person. I don't know what their problem is bc your packs are hella good. Keep ping what you're doing babe

I know it’s pretty funny that they have nothing better to do then write these huge essays that don’t effect me the slightest lol tysm bae ily

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I love your packs fuck the stupid low life bitches out there they are jel that they can't make perfect packs like yours ilysm

Thank u so much pretty, ily

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